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Save five, six or even seven figures on your next aircraft purchase.


I have created the Clear Skies Course™ to help you, as an aircraft buyer, cover all the steps in buying an aircraft—no matter your mission or budget.
Ready to fly privately, but not ready to buy a plane? Our Clear Skies Lite Course just covers the mission, budgeting and planning phases of developing a dynamic private flight plan.

Rene Banglesdorf

René Banglesdorf

Charlie Bravo Aviation Co-Founder and CEO, Author of Crushing Mediocrity, and Founder of Clear Skies Club

Are you a business leader wanting to make sure that you’re not getting swindled on an aircraft purchase?

Have you been tasked with making sure an aircraft transaction runs smoothly?

Do you want to fly privately, but don’t know exactly where to start?

This Course is For You…

What you can expect from the Clear Skies Course:

  • Interviews with some of the industry’s top experts in tax planning, legal, financing, acquisitions, aircraft management, pre-purchase inspections, and more, highlighting what you need to know as an educated consumer.

  • Step-by-step guidance on determining your mission and budget so you can create a balanced aviation plan.
  • Best practices for successful aircraft purchases and ownership, including insurance, charter, management, maintenance, ongoing tax implications, safe and legal operations, upgrading your avionics, adding WiFi, and refurbishing paint and interior.
  • A forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other private aviation users.
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You’ll also receive these bonuses:

  • Access to all of Charlie Bravo Aviation’s Buyers’ Guides, including those for Turboprops, Light Jets, Midsized Jets, Large Jets and Single Pilot Planes
  • Access to any of Charlie Bravo’s Quarterly Market Reports
  • An Aircraft Cost Calculator assessment and review of your aviation plan, if desired
  • Charlie Bravo Aviation’s lowest acquisition and resale fees
  • The opportunity to be an inaugural member of the Clear Skies Club™

What They’re Saying

“The Clear Skies Course is totally unbelievable. It’s PRECISELY what I always envisioned as THE source for potential owners/operators to “get smart” on private aviation. You. Nailed. It.”

Tom Wachowski, Host, Private Jet Podcast
“Wow! Every operator who ever is trying to help a client buy a plane needs this training! It’s very thorough.”
Sal D’Amico, COO, Privaira Aviation

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Because we want to give our undivided attention to making sure you succeed with your private aviation plan, we are accepting only a limited number of participants—and are opening enrollment for only a few days. The course may not be offered again for months.

The investment for this Clear Skies Course and all of the bonuses is $5000.

This is a small price to pay when you consider your travel budget or the acquisition and management of a multi-million dollar asset. Knowing what you’re doing can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars—not to mention innumerable headaches.

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Rene Banglesdorf

About René Banglesdorf

Charlie Bravo Aviation Co-Founder and CEO René Banglesdorf provides company leadership and management from her work in a number of fields. She pulls marketing and entrepreneurial experience from the software, telecom, retail, publishing and aviation industries. René serves as a spokesperson for business aviation and women in leadership in speaking and press appearances all over the world. She serves on the board of International Aviation Women’s Association as the industry vice president for General Aviation, Business Aviation and Helicopters. René also is an active member of the Women Presidents Organization, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the National Business Aircraft Association, and the National Air Transportation Association President’s Council. Her book Crushing Mediocrity: 10 Ways to Rise Above The Status Quo is available on Amazon.